PR in Your Pajamas Ebook : Practical Publicity for the Time-Strapped, Cash-Crunched Mom Entrepreneur


PR In Your Pajamas

Practical Publicity for the Time-Strapped, Cash-Crunched
Mom Entrepreneur

Price: $29.00

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This book is for Mom Entrepreneurs:

  • Wanting to attract more customers
  • With little or no budget for marketing and getting PR
  • Hoping to stay sane while building your business
  • And want to know how to do PR

PR In Your Pajamas will help you get media exposure worth thousands of dollars and reach customers who would buy from you…if only they knew you existed!

This 50 page e-book will reveal print and online PR marketing strategies:

  • How to jumpstart your PR in just one hour
  • Why you need some raving fans and how to get them
  • Why you don’t need a press release
  • What to ask a reporter when they call you
  • Media pet peeves and how to avoid them
  • Why getting on Oprah may not be a good thing
“Most mom entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and have great stories to tell. Elena provides the tools to make these stories into a high impact public relations strategy.”
– Christina Anthony, Founder
Forum for Women Entrepreneurs BC


“Many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of working to get PR, not realizing how essential it is to grow a successful business. Elena takes the work out of this task, making it easy, fun and accessible to anyone. By providing clear steps, multi-tasking Mom entrepreneurs will be able to tackle PR with confidence.”
- Jill Earthy, Co-founder

Hello, my name is Elena Verlee, and I am a serial mom entrepreneur who has sold two companies and am now involved in three other businesses, including an international PR firm I founded almost 10 years ago.

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies, from start-ups to billion dollar companies and managed teams of up to 20 PR consultants. I believe that every company, no matter how small can benefit from getting PR. It’s one of the most cost-effective and credible ways to build a business.

And yet many don’t use this secret weapon.

Why? There’s an aura of mystery about how to do PR. What is it and what exactly can it do for your business?

If you talk to a PR consultant or agency you’ll either think it’s too hard to do it yourself, or too expensive to hire someone else. So you do nothing. And as you know, nothing gets you…well, nothing.

I realize not everyone can afford to hire a publicist. As a fellow mom entrepreneur, I know how hard you’ve worked and how passionate you are about your business. I know most of you probably started because you want to spend more time with your family, or saw a need in the market for your product or service.

Please don’t keep it a secret!

PR In Your Pajamas will allow you to create your own PR program in just a few minutes a day - using knowledge you already have, the love you have for your business and your determination to make it succeed.

You’ll create fabulous publicity for yourself without getting bogged down in theory and unnecessary details.

While there are hundreds of PR books or do-it-yourself kits out there, ranging from $20 to $5000, they make my eyes glaze over, are confusing, intimidating and are way too theoretical and not practical enough for smaller businesses.

To get to the point: This isn't PR for Dummies, this is PR for Mommies!

PR in Your Pajamas Ebook : Practical Publicity for the Time-Strapped, Cash-Crunched Mom Entrepreneur

Price: $29.00

Availability: Instant access
via PDF download


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There are media waiting to hear your story and customers wanting to buy from you that haven’t heard about you yet.

How long will you keep them waiting?

"Thank you for writing PR in Your Pajamas, Elena. There are many PR resources on the web, but I find most of them are more relevant for established businesses with large PR budgets. This ebook is easy to read and understand, and I was able to start using some of the PR techniques only a few hours after reading it.

I would recommend this book to entrepreneurs just starting out, or even larger businesses who haven’t utilized PR to the full extent. Well done, Elena!"
- Holly Klaassen


"Even though I'm not a mom entrepreneur, I am an extremely busy serial entrepreneur, running a tour company for women from two cities, Paris and Vancouver. With so much to do everyday, and now in TWO languages and time zones just to add more spice to the business equation, Elena's no-nonsense, practical book full of good tips and advice makes it easy to keep my PR goals on track! Thanks Elena for an inspiring read; I read the entire book today on my Palm on the metro between appointments!"
- Karen Henrich
Tours for Girls Who Want to Have Fun

For less than the price of a night out, a networking event, or a pair of shoes, PR In Your Pajamas gives you a proven and successful blueprint for attracting media exposure that will take your business to the top!

Marketing and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. In this easy to understand guide to marketing for new business, find out:

  • How the tips in this book are the same ones used to launch a mom entrepreneur business that attracted a buyer for the company just 9 months after launching
  • Why PR is so much more effective than advertising, for a fraction of the cost
  • The 4 key things (which you may already have) that you need to kick-start your PR program
  • How to create photos that sell your story
  • 10 key questions a reporter may ask you and the 10 key questions you need to ask a reporter
  • The art of media follow up, without being a pest
  • How to leverage your press clips for more sales
  • Why even bad PR is not so bad


  • Mom Entrepreneurs who have used PR to gain exposure in media such as: Celebrity Baby, Chatelaine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, InStyle, Macleans, Los Angeles Times, People Style Watch, Pregnancy Magazine, Santa Barbara News-Press, Sweet, The New York Times, Today’s Parent as well as TV and radio
  • Editors on how to get into mom-friendly magazines such as: Fashion Magazine, Fashion Television, SavvyMom, Sactown Magazine, The Mompreneur™ and Wish Magazine
PR in Your Pajamas Ebook : Practical Publicity for the Time-Strapped, Cash-Crunched Mom Entrepreneur

Price: $29.00

Availability: Instant access
via PDF download

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