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The reason I'm offering this sale is because I'm retiring these media lists. That's right, after February 28, 2010, you can no longer buy the Mom Media Lists. We compiled these lists in 2009, and we don't want to update them anymore.

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PR in Your Pajamas: Mom Media List

CANADIAN Mom Media List:

$149.00 $74.50 only

US Mom Media List: 

$149.00 $74.50 only

Mom Entrepreneurs, Want To Increase Sales This Week
By Getting PR?

100s of Reporters Are Hunting For The Perfect Mom Entrepreneur Business To Feature In Their Magazine Article Or Feature Story TODAY – But Will They Find YOU In a SEA Of Competitors?

Why Not Take Matters In Your Own Hands, And Actively Approach These Reporters Instead – And Add A Quality PR Contact To Your Rolodex?

Now You Can Save Weeks Of Frustration By Using My Hand-Customized, Highly-Targeted, Affordable List of Over 200 US Reporters OR 130 Canadian Reporters in the Canadian List Interested In YOU

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Dear Mom Entrepreneur,

I’ve been in your shoes. I know how passionate you are about your business and how you started it because you found a need in the market. You started it because you want to have the flexibility to be your own boss, with your own time, with no apologies to anyone when it’s time to be with your family. I also know that TIME is something we are all short of these days, and as a busy mompreneur, you know you need PR, but just don’t have the time to do all the research to get started!

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur mom with a great company that should be in magazines, you need The Mom’s Media List to help you with how to do PR and contact reporters fast to get PR that bring in the customers and sales!

Mom getting PR

The US MOM’s MEDIA LIST Consists of 200 Reporters and the CANADIAN MOM'S MEDIA LIST has 130 Reporters Specializing In Covering Mom Businesses, Products and Experts TODAY

    The Mom’s Media List includes hundreds of reporters at magazines and websites that you or your Assistant can target for a story so that your customers can read about you in your favorite magazines!

Traditionally, PR consultants and agencies can charge several hundred if not thousands of dollars to put together a media list of this size for you, since there are a huge number of editors and their magazines to research. Media lists are like gold dust and PR consultants are often reluctant to hand over this hard won information, even if they're working for you!

I’m Elena Verlee and I know this because I started an international PR company 10 years ago and I’ve worked with clients from startups to billion dollar companies. I am also a mom entrepreneur who has co-founded, and sold, an online business in less than a year using only PR as a marketing tool.

For an entrepreneur mom, normally your only choice with do-it-yourself PR would be to build your media list ONE reporter at a time. You can research and read each and every magazine you like and find out if there is a columnist or reporter most likely to cover your business. This can take 30 minutes to an hour for each magazine. With the US Media List containing information on more than 100 magazines and websites, doing it yourself would take you 50 hours or more to do this!

“Saves $1000s of dollars…”

"Elena has packaged a remarkable tool for you to reach the target market you need to access. The Mom’s Media List you see here, and the advice she provides would take years to accumulate and cost $1000's of dollars if you hired a PR agency with getting PR. The package including wonderful succinct tips on PR is invaluable and could be what takes your business to the next level to getting noticed. It is an absolute must for any busy mompreneur!!!"
- Traci Costa
Director of Play

The Mom’s Media List Includes Specific Name, Contact Information, Publication (print magazines and online websites) And All The Details You Need to Getting PR That Every Mompreneur Dreams Of – If YOU Take Action, You’ll Be The One With the Feature Story!

Be a smart mom and leverage your time by getting a Mom’s Media List which gives you the following:

  • Both print magazines (that stay on the shelf longer) and online websites (that can drive traffic to your site and give you a media hit in just days or weeks) that cover mompreneur-type companies selling products, books and services targeted to babies, children and other parents, as well as those who are experts and consultants in a field.
  • Several contacts at major publications to make sure you have access to more than one person, increasing the chances of your story being heard and getting PR
  • An easy-to-understand media list that includes:
    • Publication Name
    • Type (print or web)
    • URL
    • Editor Name
    • Editor Title
    • Contact Email
    • Phone

You’ll Also Get All the Info Needed To Start You On the Right Foot with All The Reporters…Use My Professional PR Coaching Tips To Impress them With Your Professionalism …They’ll Remember You For their NEXT Story!

paparazzi with mom

  • Plus you get a free report on How to be a PR Maven: 10 Tips on Using a Media List Effectively where you will learn:
    • What's an editorial assistant and why work with them first
    • The three types of pitches to start with
    • What NOT to put in your email
    • How to follow up an editor without stalking them, spamming them and more...

"These publications are receptive to me when I call…"

"I have built my business on the topic of food sensitivities and in growing my business, this media list has saved me hours and hours of time and frustration. Elena offers contacts that have proven to be receptive to me when I called them and my business has grown as a result. The best thing for me, however, is that by using this media list, I am able to spend more time with my family, my friends, and doing the other things in my life that I value."
- Margaret H. Evans. R.N., B.S.N., C.P.C.C.
Registered nurse, Certified professional life coach

Moms Media List: Practical Publicity for the Time-Strapped Mom Entrepreneur


$149.00 $74.50 only


$149.00 $74.50 only

Let’s Face It, Moms Are a Special Group of Business Owners, Near And Dear To My Heart - I Want To Make Your Life Easier by Teaching You Practical How to Do PR techniques Which Can Make Your Business More Profitable!

magazines for getting PR

How long would it take you to put together a comprehensive Mom’s Media List of HUNDREDS of magazines and reporters?

At least a week working on it full time, plus the COST of buying all those magazines! By getting a Mom's Media List, we’ve done all the work for you. Find out:

  • The top US or Canadian magazines your customers are reading such as American Baby, Baby Couture, Cookie, Ebony, MomFinds, Mothering, Parents, Today's Parent, Yummy Mummy, Working Mother and hundreds more
  • How to contact editors who accept submissions for news, new products, beauty products, book reviews, features or contributed articles
  • Detailed notes about what the editor likes to write about so you can avoid the #1 media pet peeve of not knowing an editor's beat coverage

"Saves precious time for mompreneurs..."

"As a work from home mompreneur I am stretched between running the business and taking care of my kids. Last year we started to gather PR contacts for baby magazines and websites to send out our first press release. We spent considerable hours gathering editorial contact info of popular baby websites and magazines and was only able to gather a small targeted list. In retrospect, it would have been a lot easier if we had Elena's Mom Media List that targeted many of the same publications. We plan on making Mom's Media List part of our PR and marketing plans going forward."

- Andi Aizer
L'il Monkeys Personalized Baby Gifts

Ready to Go For It and Grab Your Customized List of hundreds of contacts at US OR CANADIAN-based Media?

PR in Your Pajamas: Mom Media List


$149.00 $74.50 only


$149.00 $74.50 only

Availability: Instant access
via download

Remember, getting PR coverage in just ONE magazine can more than pay for the price of this media list. And you’ll have the opportunity to create connections with HUNDREDS of reporters. I know you can make this small investment pay off BIG!

Why Waste hours and hours of your precious time to pull together this kind of media list?

Why Wait Any Longer To Secure the PR opportunities that drive credibility and sales for your company?

PR can turn a small company into a market leader. It can create a strong brand for you relative to your competitors, allowing you to capture market share and customer sales. Be a leader in your market!

"Excellent step-by-step pitching notes that gets the story!"

"I found Elena's Media Lists wonderfully detailed, with excellent pitching notes that increased our chances of success with media members. Her informational "How-To" report on using a media list is easy to understand, and offers step-by-step instructions on how to deliver a clear, concise and enticing pitch. This affordable and focused list made it easier to manage our PR efforts. A must-have."
- Dawn Bowles
Founder & CEO

Now more than ever, getting PR is the smart way
to promote your business.

Getting PR builds awareness of your product or service, which is critical for startups and entrepreneurs, and advertising supports your brand when it gets known.

We see up to 30,000 ads a day! When was the last time you paid attention to an ad? But stories in the press get READ - and taken seriously!

"Gaining confidence in doing PR for yourself saves LOTS of money…"

"Don’t be scared to do PR personally. PR can cost a lot of money. We found it more economical to do our PR ourselves. Every week we package up a few popular pieces from the collection (in a really nice bag with some info on the company and collection). We pick a media outlet that will be interested in our maternity collection and send it to either the fashion editor, news editor or editor in chief. We always include a personal note and we follow up with an email or phone call. This has pretty much ensured media coverage."
- Natalie Aston

New To PR? Not To Worry, I Have Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions Right Here:

1. How come I’ve never heard of custom media lists before?

That's because media lists are usually created by high-priced PR consultants and agencies for a particular client they are working with. You’ve probably never heard of it before because most people are in the big leagues before they can afford PR consultants.

But if you Google ‘media lists’, you can purchase media lists from companies which create them simply based on keywords. The thing to know here is, these lists will be UNQUALIFIED (no one has verified the lists.) So if it’s tagged with your keyword, then the company will sell it to you. This is not so good for you, because if you give a popular keyword, your list may run in the hundreds or thousands of contacts and you’re charged per contact ($0.70 or more) or there is a minimum order (one company’s minimum per media list for example, is $585).

Yes, I’m in PR too, and I wanted to make sure it’s not just the ‘big’ companies that benefit from getting PR. In fact, the smaller your company, the more impact a magazine article can have on your business credibility. So I wanted to level the playing field a bit and give moms an opportunity for PR success.

2. Who exactly is the Mom’s Media List for?

Well, me really. ;-) I a researched this list for my own purposes and I began to think that other mom entrepreneurs can benefit from it. I think these reporters are the best contacts for a variety of moms with companies selling products, books and services targeted to babies, children and other parents. For moms who are consultants, there are a lot of magazines and websites here that accept contributed articles or may want to hear about topics you are an expert in.

So this is a ‘share the bounty’ kind of thing. What works for me can work for you too! We moms have to stick together.

3. I’m not sure how to make the most of this list – what do I do when I get it?

Great question, which tells me you’re thinking ahead about how you’ll use the contacts on this list. This is a very good thing! It is important to use the contacts on the list wisely, so I’ve also created the How to Be a PR Maven tip book which you receive free with the Mom’s Media List to prepare you.

If you’d like more help, I can happily give you a referral to a PR consultant for even more premium support. Just email me after you’ve had a look at the list and read through the How to Be a PR Maven tip book. I’ll get you hooked up.

Or, if you’d like a one-on-one PR consultation with me, Elena, Founder of PR in Your Pajamas and mompreneur just like you, you can book that too. I’ll send you the special discount link for 25% off, valid for 30 days after you purchase the Mom’s Media List.

4. I know I need PR, but what if I decide I want to give this list off to my PR or marketing consultant?

Sure. You’ve just saved your PR consultant hours of work. And if YOU are a PR consultant, this list will allow you to hit the ground running and serve your mom entrepreneur clients, pronto. Spend your PR budget on pitching the media instead of tedious manual research building a media list.

5. What if I try it and it doesn’t work…?

Everything comes with a risk, and there’s definitely a possibility that the Mom’s Media List won’t work for you. I’ll be really frank here, and say that it MOST likely won’t work if you don’t use it. If you don’t take action, and let the list get stale on your computer, it won’t work.

But if you DO take action, have a great pitch and the list still doesn’t work, I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, just let me know and my team will refund your money in full. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

You’ve Invested Your Heart and Soul Into Your Business, Now It’s Time To Kick Everything Into High Gear With Sales Generated By The Best, Targeted, Affordable PR For Moms

Now is the time to be courageous! After all your hard work to get where you are now, getting PR is likely one of the most effective things you can invest in, in order to make your efforts pay off.

So why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and click the buy button now, and our secure server will process your order. We’ll send you the Mom’s Media List right away so you can dive into the contacts!

PR in Your Pajamas: Mom Media List


$149.00 $74.50 only


$149.00 $74.50 only

Wishing you success in your PR and business,

Elena Verlee

P.S. I know this economy is tough and a few more sales really can make a difference in your business. Getting PR - coverage in magazines and websites - can help make that difference.

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