60+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites

I’ll be honest in that I have very little experience in using free sites. My PR agency for high-tech clients has always used a paid service. However, that costs upwards of $500 per release, and now that I am helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get PR, I am asked this question all the time:

“Where can I post a press release for free?”

Before I give you the answer (hint: there are a lot of sites), another question that should be answered is, “is it worth it?”

Well, it depends. If you post on just a few of the better sites, you will likely get picked up by the search engines like Google and Yahoo, and will rank even better if you know how to optimize your release with keywords.

Personally, I prefer to put together a customized media list and send press releases to individual reporters, especially the ones in the local city or niche we are targeting. If your press release is newsworthy, then putting it on a wire service is a great add-on that can bring you more attention from media, customers, potential employees and partners you would otherwise not be able to reach.

If you want to try out a free news release service, I’ve heard good things about:

www.pressrelease365.com (this one looks like they will charge you $24.95 but all new registrations get a $25 credit so really, it’s free)

Then, there is another school of thought that if you have the time and energy, you can post on as many sites as possible and get more sustained traffic and visibility to your site. If you’re so inclined, here is a list of over 60 free press release distribution sites, compiled by VitisPR.com and they will even post to all those sites for you…for a modest fee. It kind of defeats the purpose of using free sites but for a few dollars, it could be worth saving your valuable time.

Note: I am not endorsing these sites, nor have I used most them. I am merely sharing this information in case you find it useful.