How to Get Testimonials for Your Business

As I was going through some blogs and websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses, the ones that had the most impact used testimonials on their site.
Why? It gives me, who may be a new reader on their site, proof of how good their service or product is.  It shows readers how much other people have tried and tested their product/service and how satisfied they were. So, to get a testimonial that will boost your business, here are some quick tips.
  1. Make it easy for them to say YES by guiding them on what you want highlighted in the testimonial. Most people don’t like to write so ask just 3 – 5 questions on how did your product work for them? How were you to work with? What did they like? What could you do better (this is also great research for you in terms of product development) – ask whatever question will serve your needs best. From the answers, craft a testimonial and ask them to approve it.
  2. Ask how they want to give the testimonial. Prepare your questions and send them through email for people who want to write it out, or ask permission to have a quick phone call for those customers who don’t want to write things out. Make it short and sweet.
  3. Freebies are always good. If your customers already love your product or service, it helps to show gratitude and it also makes them remember you and your company.
  4. Ask your friends and supporters. If you’re just launching, they will be more than happy to try your company out and share their experiences not only through their testimonial but maybe also by word-of-mouth.

In my experience, people are more than willing to help each other out. You just have to ask, and make it easy. The results may often surprise you.

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