5 New Year’s Resolutions to Get More PR

Another year has rolled in, and I hope one of your business goals is to get more PR for your business.

PR doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours to achieve. In fact, with a few well-ingrained, PR-attracting habits, you can easily become a virtual PR magnet.

Below are five resolutions that will help you get more PR in 2011:

1. I will read more, watch more, listen more.

If you want more media exposure, it pays to “get” the media. This means watching more TV, reading more newspapers, magazines and websites, and listening to more radio than you probably ever did before.

By being an avid media consumer, you’ll develop a sense of what’s considered interesting and compelling in media. You’ll also find plenty of currently events and news items you can dovetail on.

This will make your PR efforts much easier and more effective.

2. I will really get to know the people working in media.

This is a natural consequence of the first resolution. You’ll learn which reporters, editors and bloggers are most likely to be interested in your business and your story.

By engaging with them, particularly through social media, you’ll be more likely to spot PR opportunities when they happen. Journalists who are already familiar with you, are also more likely to write about you, whenever appropriate.

3. I will always be on the lookout for the newsy angle of my business.

One way to get more PR is by identifying numerous “stories” you can pitch to the media. Again, when you consume a lot of media, this will become easier.

Every time you do something new, or create something better or improved, or organize an event… you’ll know it’s a good reason to get some exposure.

4. I will pitch my story regularly.

Forget about the possibility of being rejected. That’s all part of the PR game. But if you don’t play, you don’t win.

When you have a constant stream of media-sexy stories, then you’ll have something to pitch all the time. Learn how to write a brief but effective media pitch, if not a press release. This will increase of chances of actually getting media coverage.

5. I will act like an expert — because I am.

You’re in business, because you know more about something than most other people do. This makes you an expert. Act like one. Speak with authority. Share your knowledge with others by publishing your own content (it could be something as simple as a short blog post). Offer your opinions to journalists when there’s a relevant story they’re already covering.

Eventually, the media will seek you out because of your expertise and trustworthiness.