The Skyscraper Technique For Creating Content

How do you create shareable content, and how do you do it with ease? Mickie Kennedy shares his technique with us

Alas, the skyscraper technique is not about leaping tall buildings in a single bound or slinging your web to save the day. However, it could be a way to improve your blog, help establish your voice, and drive readers to your site. So in some ways, the skyscraper technique might be a superhero after all.

The Skyscraper

But first, what is this technique? The Skyscraper technique builds on a simple premise which involves three basic steps:

  1. Find awesome online content
  2. Create better content than what you found
  3. Have other sites/bloggers share what you have created

Finding Content

Seems pretty simple at the outset, right? However, how you accomplish these tasks will set you even further apart. Let’s start with the first step of finding top-performing content based on a set of keywords or a topic. There are several options when it comes to research, including:

  • Buzzsumo
    This is a social search engine that can give you the most-read content for any topic or keyword. You can change it to focus on recent hours, days, or even forever. You can also narrow your search based on things like which content had their link clicked the most or tweeted the most.
  • ahrefs Content Explorer
    More than another way to find content and articles related to what you’d like to write about, this will provide on-site and social metrics for each result that pops up.
  • Search Engines
    You can also perform an online search on a topic to see what their highest ranked content is for it. You can refine your search by hours, days, or all time as well.
  • Twitter
    If your niche is big on Twitter, do a Twitter search or use a service like Topsy to see what has been trending, tweeted, and retweeted.

Make it Better

The next step is creating better content than what you find online. This does NOT mean plagiarizing what others have written on a subject, but rather taking your content past them with either new findings or insight into old research. Also take a look at the leading content’s length, number of photos/videos, and keywords used. After you have done that, use the following to improve your content:

  • Add Images and Video
  • Create Longer Content
  • Do More Original Research on the Subject
  • Emphasize the SEO Value of your Content

A lot of the time, writers don’t spend enough time on SEO and therefore, don’t use enough keywords. This can make a world of difference in your content.

Get it Shared

The last step is getting your content shared, which can seem like a daunting task. If you have a network of colleagues who would share your writing, that is great news. You can also use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. However, the best way to get your content shared is to write great content. This is the surest way to know that people will click your link, share it, and tweet it.

Following the skyscraper technique can push your blog to the first page in search results and increase the number of readers. Because it is simple, it can work for any blog, company, or subject.

Do you have any other tips for this technique? Let’s start the conversation below.