5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Press Release

If the thought of having to write a press release to get publicity will stop you from even trying to get some buzz for your biz, then I’m here to tell you…you don’t have to do it.

Instead, you can simply tell your story to the media by writing a media pitch.

However, if you’re serious about promoting and growing your business, a news release program should be part of your overall marketing efforts.

Here are 5 reasons WHY you should write a press release:

1. You’ve got BIG news.

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, how often will you launch a product or a service? Once a year? Once a quarter?  If you’re an author, how often will you release a book?  As a consultant, how often will you sign a big client?

These are examples of important milestones for your company that establishes credibility or expertise – make the most out of it by letting as many people know about it as possible.  A press release combined with the reach of a newswire can do that for you.

2. You want to reach OTHER markets, quickly and inexpensively.

Are you doing a special event? Targeting a certain demographic? Launching in a specific city? Getting the word out quickly to a certain geographic area or niche market can easily be done for you by newswire services. As an example, PR Newswire has a service to get web releases out for you for just $99 for up to 500 words.

3. You want to add customers to your SALES funnel.

Whether you have an offline or online business, chances are you have a website where potential clients go to check you out.  How are you capturing leads? Do you have a special report you’re giving away? A product sample? Do you have a blog with killer content?

Extend the shelf-life of your promotions by writing a press release and sharing it out there. This time, you may be reaching markets you didn’t even know existed for you.  You may be surprised at what comes your way not just in direct sales, but in joint ventures, partners, employees and other opportunities. When you’re in business for the long-term, plant a lot of seeds now and reap the bountiful benefits later.

4. You want to improve your SEO.

Search engine optimization is a process by which information from your company’s website and other online materials are “tagged” in order to ensure that the information is more readily found by “natural search” results. The higher your online content ranks in a search, the greater the likelihood it will be accessed. In online press releases, you can add anchor text and URLs. When high page ranking sites and major search engines pick up your optimized news release, you can appear on the first page of Google for a competitive term, which in turn drive traffic and create increased awareness for your site.

5. You want to get MEDIA attention.

Let’s not forget the original intention of a press release is for journalists, bloggers and other influencers to find you.  PR Newswire for example, is hardwired into the systems of over 5,500 newsrooms, with over 14,000 journalists choosing to receive their press releases via email.  Their average pick-up rate per release is double or triple that of their closest competitors, and some competitors only hit 200 – 250 newsrooms.  Besides pricing, do your research to make sure the wire service you are using meets your needs.

Oh, and even if your media targets don’t write up a story about you right away, you may be filed as a “journalist source” – when a story breaks that’s relevant to your product or expertise, you’re in their rolodex as someone to call.  Again, it’s planting the seeds.